When you nail an interview and land a new job, the world seems good at first. The pay looks excellent. The hours are perfect. And your coworkers appear friendly. But you forgot to account for one thing: the commute!

The distance between your home and your job sounded manageable at first. But as the days, weeks, and months pass, you can’t help but wonder if you should move a little closer. You love your current house, so you need a few solid reasons before you pack up your valuables and find another property.

If you’re on the fence about moving, take a look at the following 3 things to consider about living closer to your office.

1. Lower Fuel Cost.

Although gas prices vary from day to day, the IRS estimates that the average employee spends 0.51 cents per mile on their daily commute. If you live about 38 miles away, you may spend a little over $19 a day in gas. Assuming you drive every day to work this year, you may spend as much as $4,769 in fuel costs alone! Factor in the costs of car ownership, insurance, and maintenance, and you’re spending a large portion of your income just going to work and coming home again.

Some estimate that for every mile you move closer, you can save $340 (going to and from work) a year. Better still, if you move within a few miles of your workplace, you can usually find alternative transportation (public buses, biking, and walking) that will save you even more money.

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