1. Think critically about your goals.

It’s time! You want more space. But have you thought, specifically, about why? Before you hit the house-hunting trail, take a moment to pin down what you really, actually need. Listing your goals will help you prioritize. If you’re going to be hosting Thanksgiving moving forward, maybe it does make sense. If you plan on having holidays somewhere else, maybe it doesn’t. In other words, have a plan and find a home that works into it.

2. Determine whether bigger is truly better.

Before beginning your search, consider not just the home’s square footage, but also the layout. What people want and need isn’t necessarily what builders are producing. They’re building the largest houses they can on the smallest possible lots in order to amortize the price, which doesn’t necessarily equal good rooms for families. You might think you’re getting more space, but if that space isn’t useable or feels tight, does it really help you in the long run? Sometimes, the more bedrooms a home has, the smaller those bedrooms are. You don’t always need more rooms; sometimes you need more spacious rooms.

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